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No reports currently published.



No reports currently published.



Health Sciences Student Experience Report
This report was written in February 2017 and focuses on the student experience of students in the Health Sciences School at UEA. We recognise that these group of students have a very specific student experience based on heavy placement-based work and, as such, uea(su)'s Student Engagement (HSC) Coordinator produced this report based on pre-existing data.The report can be found here 

Student Experience Reports

These reports sum up the current concerns of UEA students and give a student view on what's good at UEA and what can be improved upon. They are based on a variety of sources, including the National Student Surveys, the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey and the Union's own research. Each report is submitted to the Student Experience Committee, a meeting of Union Officers and Senior University Staff. The University responds to each report, and the Union uses the reports as a starting point for addressing student concerns.

2017 Student experience report



Student Experience Reports

2016 Student Experience Report

2015/2016 International Student Experience Report 

2015/2016 International Student Experience Report Recommendations and Committe Responses


Hidden course costs

During 2014/15, the Union carried out research on the problems associated with additional course costs. These are the ‘added extras’ students are required to find the money for at University. Costs can soon mount up when students are required to pay for printing, field trips, extra membership fees and books. Some costs are also poorly advertised in advance, so are often termed ‘hidden’ course costs. Read Full Report



Light up Campus

2015 Light Up Campus Survey and Report


Student Experience Reports

2015 Postgraduate Experience Report


Quality Assurance Agency Student Response

Every 5 years the University is reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency and we submit the student point of view. You can read the full report here


Previous years

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