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Results from May 2019 elections:

Corrie Mathiak and Rob Klim were elected as block representatives for the committee for 2019-20.

Elections will re-run at the start of next academic year to elect the rest of the positions for the committee. 


2018-19 Part-time Officers









Connor Bell - Environment Officer (   Rob Klim - Ethical Issues Officer (


The committee

The Ethical and Environmental sub-committee was created to invest more focused time and effort into creating substantial change within the areas of ethical activism and sustainability. This committee meets twice a semester and is made up of six elected student reps and three student officers. All of these committee members are elected by the entire student body and work together to create the change that students want to see. Committee members from relevant societies are also invited to nominate a representative for their soceity on the committee. Relevant societies are identified and emailed at the start of each academic year.

Over the 2018-19 academic year, the committee is looking forward to:

  • Examining ways to reduce water waste, particularly looking at the new building being built on campus
  • Investigating the use of green flats across campus and how these can be better promoted and implemented
  • Planning Go Green week in February
  • Raising the profile of the committee and its works, encouraging all students to get involved

You can find out more about the work that the students' union does on sustainability here.


Committee Agendas and Minutes


Chair - Fabrizio Contartese

Deputy Chair - Ellie Reeves

16th October 2018 - Agenda | Minutes 

21st November - Agenda | Minutes

23rd January 2019 - Agenda | Minutes

20th March 2019 - Agenda | Minutes

Mid-May 2019 - TBC




Chair - Rhys Purtill

1st September 2017 Agenda | Minutes

23rd October 2017 Agenda | Minutes

4th December 2017 Agenda | Minutes

12th February 2018 Agenda | Minutes


If you are on the committee for a society that takes an interest in, or is relevant to, ethical and environmental issues, you may be eligible for a place on the committee. Please contact Yasmine Haggar (SU Staff Support for the committee) at for further details.