Liberation, Equality, and Diversity Champions

We are proud of the work our student leaders have done over the years in representing students on their course and in representing students from particular backgrounds. We would like to build on this and link our academic representation with our work around liberation, equality and diversity through introducing Liberation, Equality and Diversity Champions in each school. Through doing this, we aim to embed issues related to liberation, equality and diversity into the academic representation structures. Thereby feedback from diverse groups of students can be more effectively acted upon ensuring that all students, whatever their background or how they identify can have the best student experience.


As a Liberation, Equality and Diversity Champion your role will be to advocate for liberation, equality and diversity issues on your course and to gather feedback from students on your course related to these. As course reps, each Liberation, Equality and Diversity Champion will then raise this feedback to the University through Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs), with Champions trying to provide a solution to the issues that students would like to see and communicating this back.


Liberation, Equality and Diversity Champions will receive additional training on how to represent students on these issues and there is the opportunity to get further involved in the work around accessible education.


Email to express interest and with a brief line about why you would like the role