Who is my Student Partnership Officer?

Each school has a Student Partnership Officer, who works with the SU to organise the election of course reps. They also co-chair the school's Student Staff Laision Committees, on which reps sit, and lead on student representation work in their School.

If you want to become a rep but would like to know more about how it works within your School, a good first step is to get in touch with your School's Student Partnership Officer. These are:

AMA - Alex Hammond

BIO -  Andrew Gates

CHE - Thomas Storr

CMP - Pierre Chardaire

DEV - Robert Grant

ECO - Duncan Watson

EDU - Julia Robathan

ENG - Oscar Hui

ENV -  Andrew Lovett

HIS - Joel Halcomb

HSC - Coral Drane

HUM - Tom Phillips

LAW - Gareth Spark

LDC - Nonia Williams and Claire Hynes


MTH - Joseph Grant

NAT - Garth Jones

NBS - Brad McKenna

PHA - Emma Smith

PPL - Helen Warner 

PSY - Kamena Henshaw

SWK - Jane Dodsworth