HSC(SU) Social Grant

hsc(su) social grant

what is the social grant?

The hsc social grant exists to help HSC students to put on social activities and events for them and their peers at times that work for them. We know it's hard for hsc students to attend other club and society activities, so this is designed to help you put on your own

can I use this?

Yes! As long as you're a hsc student (and this includes TNA and NDA cohorts), and you're putting on an event which isn't a house party, you can apply for funding for that event - Whether done through your society, your course or independently

what can i apply for?

food and fizzy drink for a social event!

expences to attend an interesting talk!

supplies for an arts and craft event!

picnic supplies!

promotional materials!

basically anything that's not alcohol, house parties, or illegal!

The full list of event criteria and guidance can be found here.

how do I apply?

Easy - Read the guidance form provided above, then download this form and send it to Shaun Keen at union.hsc@uea.ac.uk