Transforming Education Awards

These awards are held by the Students' Union in order to recognise and reward the hard work that is put in to your education by the academic staff and support staff within the University, in order to transform you from students to successful graduates. 

We received over 450 nominations last year - more than ever before - and we'd like to thank you for submitting such wonderful words about staff that have impacted you at UEA!

This year we want to thank even more of the UEA community than last year on your behalf! So whether you have had a lecturer who has inspired you to look into a topic further, a support service who has positively impacted your time at UEA or if there's a course rep you would like to thank for taking your feedback to the school - we want to hear from you!

In 2020 we will be asking for your feedback for 14 categories, details of which you can find below along with the name of winner for 2019. 

If you would like to celebrate a member of staff or a fellow student relating to one of these categories, say Thank You! here



Academic Society Partnership Award: 

This award has been introduced to recognise the Schools who work to involve and engage relevant academic societies as an integral part of School life. This could be by helping to build a learning community with the Society, involving them in decisions or supporting their progression as a Society.

Winner is: Norwich Business School and UEA Business Society


Advisor of the Year Award:

This award is to recognise the pastoral support that advisors provide to students, enabling them to feel supported in decisions of academic or welfare areas and who help students when in need.

Winner is: Kim Ridealgh (PPL)


Advocate for Students Award:

The Advocate for Students Award is here to recognise a member of staff who goes above and beyond to put the students interests at the centre of what they do for either Undergraduate or Postgraduate students. This may be continuing a message from students up through the School, or be someone who fights for the student experience at every step.

Winner is: Mark Coleman (BIO) and Matthew Sillence (HUM)


Convenor of the Year Award: 

This award recognises Faculty or School Convenors who effectively represent their students at Faculty or School level, in order to create a wider positive impact on the academic experience of their fellow students. 

Winner is: Beth Murray (MTH)


Course Representative of the Year Award:

This award recognises reps who are committed, approachable and effective at creating change for their peers. 

Winners are: Andrew Ferris (DEV), Maria McDonald (ECO), Christopher Spinks (HIS)


Creative Teaching Award: 

The award for Creative Teaching celebrates those who break the norm with their teaching and think about new ways of engaging students in their learning. This could also extend to their ways of providing feedback, or using new technology in their teaching. 

Winner is: Stephen Bennett (IIH)


Equality and Diversity in Teaching Award:

This award is for teaching which is most inclusive of equality and diversity values. This could be taking into consideration different learning needs and styles or by creating a diverse and socially conscious curriculum.

Winner is: Alexandria Innes (PPL)


Most Inspiring Teaching Award:

The award for Most Inspiring Teaching recognises passionate teaching that encourages and inspires students to believe in their abilities and to strive for the most out of their education.

Winner is: Mark Wilkinson (MED)


PhD Associate Tutor of the Year Award:

The award for Best PhD/Associate Tutor recognises visiting staff or those teaching as part of their PhD who have made a particular impression on their students. 

Winner is: Briony Hannell (PPL)


PhD Supervisor of the Year Award:

This award for is to recognise the staff who go above and beyond in their duties supervising PhD students. They support their supervisee in their reseach, personal development and any hiccups along the way whilst studying for their PhD.

Winner is: Jesus Angulo (PHA)


School of the Year Award: 

This award recognises the School who have celebrated their community and formed a working partnership between students and staff to develop change for the students in their School. This could be by involving students in decisions affecting learning and teaching for current and prospective students.

Winner is: School of Economics


Student Partnership Officer of the Year Award:

This award is to recognise the work of Student Partnership Officers in each area. Reasons could include whether they have gone the extra mile to encourage representation from all levels and courses in your School or regularly help students engage with representation and encourage to use the Student Voice. 

Winner is: Helen Warner (PPL)


Staff Member of the Year Award:

The award for Staff Member of the Year recognises non-academic staff who are friendly, helpful and supportive of students and who work with students to improve their service.

Winner is: Adam Everett (LTS)


UEA Team of the Year Award:  

This award for UEA Team of the Year recognises a professional service team which constantly works to enhance the student experience by offering a great standard of service. 

Winner is: Peer Assisted Learning Team


The Vice-Chancellor's Award:

This award is to recognise the best of the best of the shortlisted nominees.

Winner is: Mark Wilkinson (MED)


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