Appointments & HR Committee

Appointments & HR Committee is a subcommittee of the Trustee Board. The Committee is made up of the Chair, who is one of the Full Time Officers, an External Trustee and a Student or Part Time Officer Trustee and two representatives elected by Union Council. uea(su) senior management attend meetings where appropriate. The Committee is responsible for getting people to apply for the External Trustee posts and for the recruitment process for the Chief of Staff, and also for making recommendations to the main Board on appointments to these posts. The Committee sets the structure for the appraisal of the Chief of Staff, and receives the annual review made by the Equal Opportunities Committee and makes recommendations based on the review to the main Board. 


As an elected Union Council member for AHRC your purpose will be to:

  • Meet at least once quarterly.
  • Annually review CEO performance management structure and recommend to the Trustee Board.
  • Receive the annual review regarding staff from EDICt and its recommendations as needed by BL8; evaluate the review and its recommendations and make subsequent recommendations to the Trustee Board.
  • Generate nominations for appointment (to recommend to the Trustee Board) of the Chief Executive Officer, Non-executive directors of Union’s subsidiary companies, External Trustees or any other post where appointment is required as the Trustees see fit.
  • Review and act upon staffing issues delegated by the Management Committee.
  • Ad hoc responsibilities and powers delegated by the trustees.
  • Approval of staff Terms & Conditions and review reports from the Joint Consultation and Negotiation Committee (JCNC).
  • Receive staff satisfaction survey and agree any subsequent action to be taken.
  • Receive reports concerning employment statistics.
  • Review amendments to employment policies. 

Benefits and skills from the role: 

  • You will gain a good understanding of charity governance.
  • You will gain experience of building relationships with a range of stakeholders.
  • You will have access to training and development opportunities.
  • You will gain experience of working in a team and working collaboratively.

 Two positions for this subcommitee will be elected in the first Union Council meeting- Nominations will go live on this page, however voting is limited to Union Council Members and will be restricted to those members.