What is a part-time officer?

Part-time officers hold voluntary elected positions that represent particular groups or demographics of students (referred to as a portfolio). Officers nominate themselves with a set of aims or goals that they which to achieve when in office; known as a manifesto. If elected, it is the responsibility of the officer to achieve as much of their elected manifesto as possible. Beyond this, It is also the responsibility of each officer to promote that portfolio through running & supporting campaigns, events, and by being a representative voice in the SU’s Executive Team, all whilst adhere to UEASU’s responsibilities and expectations. 

Unlike full-time officers, Part-time officers are volunteers, and in turn continue with their studies as normal during their time in office. The role’s time commitment varies according to how much students wish to commit and want to do. We would estimate on average five hours a week to ensure there are no conflicts with your studies.


Who can be a part-time officer?

Anyone who will be a UEA student during the academic year to which they are running for a position in can nominate themselves as a candidate. As part-time officer roles are representative, you must identify with the group (portfolio) to which you are nominating yourself for  e.g. only students who define themselves as women can nominate themselves for the Women Students Officer role. 


What support do part-time officers get?

Like all officers, Part-time Officers have an induction programme to help them learn about the Union and their role. As they are a part of the executive team, there are multiple layers of support and guidance from both full-time officers, and the whole UEASU team through training and on-going support throughout the year. 

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