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Postgraduate Democracy Elections 2020

Nominate yourself for a position on this years postgraduate committee! The 6 Committee positions are made up of 2 protected women and nonbinary places, 2 protected PGR place, and 2 open places. There are no separate elections for these positions, the protected places are automatically counted once the election is closed. Nominations period will be open now until the 26th of October at 09:00. Any Nominations received after this time will not be valid. Following the manifesto deadline on the 28th of October at 09:00 there will be 2 working days to promote your digital campaigns to postgrads before polling opens. The postgraduate(su) social media accounts will circulate manifestos, they will also be available to read from the website. Voting will be open from the 28th of October at 9:00 to the 1st of November at 17:00. Results will be announced, first to candidates, then shared widely on Monday the 2nd of November.

The polls have closed.

You are not permitted to participate in this election.