Ideas for campaigning


As well as writing a manifesto, you'll also need to run a campaign - in other words, to go out and interact with voters and convince them to vote for you.

Everyone has a different way of running an election campaign - some people run it by themselves, and some people run it together with their friends in a "campaign team".

Here are some things that you could do as part of a campaign

  • Walk around the square, Unio, bar and other areas talking to students individually about your campaign. You could ask them what they want to see changed, talk to them about your policies, or say why you want to be an Officer - whatever you think is important.

  • Designing and printing leaflets to hand out to students. The cost of printing leaflets must be included in your budget (see Election Budget).

  • Doing quick announcements in lecture theatres just before lectures start (be sure to ask the lecturers' permission beforehand).

  • Making a campaign video and sharing it on social media.

  • Setting up a Facebook event/Facebook page to share on social media.

  • Print posters and stick them up on the SU building, around the Square and along the Street (the street with the SU Shop on it). Remember that you must use white-tack, not blutac. The cost of printing posters must be included in your budget (see Election Budget).

  • Painting a banner (as shown here) and hanging it in the Square. Be sure to be in the Square in time for the opening of campaigning so you can get a good spot for your banner! The cost of the banner and the paint must be included in your budget (see Election Budget).

Remember though, the more innovative and unique you are, the better. If you have a creative idea that's not listed here, do use it - as long as you stick to the election rules!

Looking after yourself

  • Don’t be put off if a student is uninterested, the majority will be interested.
  • Take some time out and grab a drink or some food to re-focus.
  • Don’t overwork yourself or your team
  • Try and take care of as much life admin before voting opens e.g. cook yourself some meals in advance or ask a friend to help you with some specific tasks.
  • It might also be worth planning your work, studies and commitments around the voting week so you have a lot of free time to chat to students.
  • Ask your friends and course mates for help and advice - it can be fun and exciting to help someone else with their campaign, so don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Plan something nice to do at the end of the voting period. Even if you’re not elected, you have achieved a lot.
  • We recommend campaigning be limited to only during the hours of 9 am-4 pm. This will ensure all candidates have a break and are able to ensure their welfare is a priority.