campaigning if you don't have much time


Everyone has a different way of running an election campaign - some people run campaigns by talking to people in the bar or Unio. But you don’t have to do that in order to win. Many SU Officers have won without going round the Square talking to students - some have even won by large margins without doing this.

Here’s a checklist of ideas, based on what people have done in the past, on how to win without being on campus or having the time to do lots of campaigning, together with how long it should take to do each one:

  • Have you spoken to friends and asked them to be on your campaign team/to endorse you on social media? (30 minutes)
  • Get friends to share your posts & event on Facebook (5 minutes)
  • Have you set up a Facebook event for your campaign and invite lots of folks? (10 minutes)
  • Schedule posts on the Facebook event so you do not have to constantly keep updating on the go. (45 minutes)
  • Have you filmed a campaign video? (around 1 hour)
  • Have you posted a link to your manifesto/video in a UEA Facebook group? (2 minutes)
  • Have you written a crowd rousing manifesto that gets your message across, clearly and concisely? (30 minutes)
  • Create FAQs so you can quickly refer to this when any questions, online or in person are asked. (2 minutes)
  • Create a professional and eye-catching banner (2 hours)
  • Utilise your immediate student group. You do not have to contact everyone possible. Word of mouth works well!

Remember though, the more innovative and unique you are, the better. If you have a creative idea that's not listed here, do use it - as long as you stick to the election rules!