Dare to Speak Up - 3 Day Public Speaking & Speech Making Course

Monday 17 February 2020, 1pm - 4pm

The Enterprise Centre 0.05

Join this three day course with the possibility to speak at this year's World Speech Day and TEDx Norwich.

In 3 hands-on, creative and interactive workshops you will get the tools and techniques on how to write and present a good public talk/speech. We guarantee you that by taking part in these sessions you will increase in confidence and become an engaging speaker. Our approach has been tried and tested at Festivals and people did go from no idea to speaking in public within 75 minutes. You can do it too!

Participants of this Do Something Different activity have the opportunity to take part in World Speech Day, see http://www.worldspeechday.com/, which will take place lice on the 12th March at the Epic film studios in Norwich and streamed globally. And if good enough, possibly present at TEDx Norwich, were participants on this course have presented in the past, see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT5RnFsSNZM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22yRjASZi0Q

We will kick-start the sessions with ‘The Theatrical Art of Speechmaking’ hosted by the world renowned theatre company DASH ARTS  https://www.dasharts.org.uk/

Dash Arts will animate extracts of remarkable European speeches from across time, as a jumping off point to explore the art of rhetoric and political speech making. We will draw on the techniques of Forum Theatre, a form of theatre-making which enables participants to replay speech and dialogue to unpack different nuances of speech and intent. As part of the facilitated theatre workshop, we will work with up to 20 participants to delve into the power of language and its theatrical impact on history. www.dasharts.org.uk

The remaining sessions will be hosted by Beth Derks, Professor Alan Finlayson and members from Toastmasters International.

The youth voice in the current state of the world is so needed, and we really do need people like you to DARE TO SPEAK UP about matters important to you!


This course runs over three days, on 17/02/2020, 18/02/2020 and 20/02/2020. Ideally you can attend all 3 sessions.

Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday are at 11.00-13.00 in the same room.

This is a Do Something Different activity. Do Something Different is an extracurricular programme to enhance your time at university. From our week long festival in February to daily activities ranging from arts to sports, there is a do something different activity happening everyday! For more information check out ueadifferent.com and @ueasu_dsd.