Cymatic - Visualising Sound into Art Workshop

Friday 21 February 2020, 11am - 3pm

Congregation Hall 0.13

Have you ever wondered what your voice looks like? Well now we have the technology to explore the possibilities of making this a reality.

Using our equipment, we have developed a way to visualize the human voice along with other various sounds. We call this the study of vibration (Cymatics). Using light reflection and water combined with resonating sound, we can visualize the fundamentals of sacred geometry that play a role in biology and chemistry.

Students will be invited to learn how to explore their voices and visualize them in real time. Not only can we see the geometric patterns of sounds but we can also print these images and bring them to life using augmented reality. Included in our workshop you have the opportunity to learn how to create beautiful pieces of art using only your voice and learn about the fundamentals of sound and how it impacts us.

This is a Do Something Different activity. Do Something Different is an extracurricular programme to enhance your time at university. From our week long festival in February to daily activities ranging from arts to sports, there is a do something different activity happening everyday! For more information check out and @ueasu_dsd.