Don’t Believe Everything You Think Performance

Wednesday 19 February 2020, 3pm - 4pm

Bookable Room 1, Union House

Did you know that our wonderful human brain that has created great art and technological breakthroughs also causes us a lot of pain and suffering?

This is because most of our thoughts are random stuff that is not at all helpful. In fact our brains can be rather rude about us and put us down.

CBT therapist and local comedian Helen Simpson (Helen of Norwich) presents a radical new approach to our thought with Acceptance and Commitment therapy known as ACT. This therapy. inspired by ancient wisdom, teaches us to pay less attention to our thoughts and just get on with what is important.

Using comedy, demonstration and audience participation Helen teaches you the basics of how to unhook from your thoughts and live a life of meaning.

This is a Do Something Different activity. Do Something Different is an extracurricular programme to enhance your time at university. From our week long festival in February to daily activities ranging from arts to sports, there is a do something different activity happening everyday! For more information check out and @ueasu_dsd.