cancelled - (NACA) community involvement and achievements over 20 years.

Tuesday 17 March 2020, 3pm - 5pm

Bookable Room 5, Union House

The Norfolk African Community Association is a constituted voluntary organisation fully run by volunteers. The founding members of the Association are UEA graduates. The Association has been working on various projects regarding economic and social developments. These include the African Organic Gardening Allotments programme, Training Volunteers in Horticultural Skills, The East African youth "Ray of hope football training, The international Cultural Integration Club. The Association has also partnership work with local, national and global partners. We hope through question & answer session following the presentation attendees will gather useful information about voluntary work in their community. Most of the projects and approaches found successful with the Association work could be applied any where in the world be it in developed or developing countries. The use of organic principles in gardening, the skills transfer approach in horticultural skills and bringing people together at a social event to exchange experience, culture and tradition, learning from each other and respecting and valuing other traditions is great. Interested individuals can fill a volunteering form and take part in Horticultural Skills training or join the social events group to participate in the cultural activities. Free language courses are also available for those interested for example "Simply learn Amharic"provided by Dr. Eshetu Wondimagegne.

This is a Do Something Different activity. Do Something Different is an extracurricular programme to enhance your time at university. From our week long festival in February to daily activities ranging from arts to sports, there is a do something different activity happening everyday! For more information check out and @ueasu_dsd.