Screen Printing

Wednesday 19 February 2020, 10am - 6pm

Congregation Hall Floor 01 in the foyer

A Mini DIY Home Screen Printing Class.

You will be helped through the process of starting, putting together and making a mini DIY ‘Silk Screen’. You will be shown how to create your own using an embroidery hoop and tights. This is a simple trick to use when you are at home and need to make mini examples of experiments to complete your work. These can be used to layer and also can be kept after to show how you have done it.

I will show you how to mix your inks correctly for paper printing.

You can then carry on around me and when you need help I will advise.

I am willing to help with any questions, and techniques.


You are to bring an image of your own choice that will fit inside an 18cm circle. This is so you have an edge round your image and can make sure you can get your ink onto your design. Pick an image you feel comfortable doing, do not over complicate it, as these are small and will require you find something that fits. You can chose something that relates to something you love or what your doing.

If you book to be in the morning session after your 30 minutes one to one with instructions you are welcome to stay till I go to lunch for advice and carry on, if you book within the last hour before lunch break (1pm) I will happily have more of a chat a little in the afternoon session.

If you have booked on the afternoon session again you are welcome to stay and carry on for advice or help till I leave at 6pm.