Edge Conference CANCELLED

Saturday 14 March 2020, 10:30am - 4pm

Union House

This event has been cancelled.

Transforming students into future leaders

Edge is UEA SU’s annual skills conference which is designed to provide students with personal development opportunities in order to help them transfer into the leaders of the future.

Who is it for?

Any student on campus, including UEA SU’s team leaders, managers and all student staff who are interested in gaining new skills that will help them progress within the organisation, as well as for jobs they apply for during or after Uni.

What’s on?

Students can expect a whole range of different workshops which are geared up to improve students employability, equip them with new life skills and gain practical knowledge that can be used every day in both a personal and professional capacity.

Throughout the day, we’ll also be running free yoga and mindfulness sessions, as well as crafty activities and massages for attendees to enjoy. Bellies will be filled as we are providing a slap up lunch of hot dogs and tacos with refreshments, plus you’ll walk away with a goody bag full of cool stuff too.

Time Length Location Activity - Session - Workshop Session information
10.00am 30 minutes The Hive Arrival and registration Come to the hive and sign in at the registration desk, collect a goody bag plus unio drink voucher and lunch voucher
10.25am 15 minutes The LCR Welcome talk and introduction  
10.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 1 Stress free public speaking Does the thought of having to make a speech or give a presentation make you feel sick? Lump in your throat? Voice quaking? Knees knocking? Discover how to quickly overcome your fears and present with confidence
10.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 2 How to Run a National & International Campaign Focussing on general campaigning techniques
10.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 4 Why Diversity Matters (Even When You Think it Doesn't) Moderated Q&A with panel members followed by audience Questions
10.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 5 A really really simple guide to a set of Accounts Perplexed by a P&L? Bamboozled by a Balance Sheet? Double entry sounds like Double Dutch? Fear not, all will become clear with this brief overview which demystifies these basic management tools.
10.45am 45 minutes Bookable room  Wellness Action Planning - Self Care  This session will help you to create an action plan which supports your wellbeing and mental health at times where it may be a bit low. There is also a focus on self-care and learning some techniques in how to better support yourself 
11am 1 hour Green Room Yoga Just like the practice of yoga, leadership is an ongoing journey. A constant work in progress. If we take the time to pause and reflect on all the information we’ve absorbed, we may discover surprising new insights that lead to targeted success. Come along to this free beginners session and enjoy some rest and reflection.
11.30am 1 hour Nap Nook Mindfulness & Meditation session Student counsellor and mindfulness trained.  Led by an experienced teacher, this hour long session is perfect for beginners and will cover the theory of mindfulness and meditation, followed by a guided meditation session in our cosy, comfy nap nook. Sink into giant bean bags or our big comfy sofa’s and learn about the dynamics of the mind, how it’s likely to behave during meditation and how you can apply these techniques into everyday life.
11.30am 45 minutes Unio Coffee Talks: How To Brew Knowledge Learn how UEA Philosophy Politics Economics student launched a successful coffee distribution business in the UK; Cal’s Coffee uses beans from his family’s farm in Brazil and their objective is to increase social development, long term social security and good sustainable farming practices. Come to this informal session where you’ll get to try out some delicious cafetière coffee and discuss to journey of a UEA entrepreneur. 
11.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 1 Supporting women past impostor syndrome and into leadership Also known as the inner critic, imposter syndrome is that nasty voice that tells us we are a fraud. While we are all different individuals who learn in different ways, this session talks you through ways for women leaders to start to quiet that inner critic once and for all.
11.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 2 Tips from an employer on finding and getting a job you enjoy This is a session to give some handy tips on how to approach job hunting, what you can consider and how you might prepare. Will include things you could consider including in an application and how to prepare for an interview.
11.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 4 Time management – Bullet journalling workshop  Join us for an overview of this productivity and mindfulness tool that will help you track your past, order your present and plan your future. Bullet Journals will be provided. 
11.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 5 You’re not wrong, i’m just more right Do you want to know how to manage conflict? Want to be able to deliver constructive feedback, or criticism without being terrified? This session will give you hints and tips on deescalating conflict, delivering difficult messages with confidence and mediating complex situations. Plus, get to understand the different types of personality and how to modify your actions to get the best response from others.  
11.45am 45 minutes Bookable room 6 Effective Allyship Understanding how to use your privilege in a positive way to support someone from a marginalised group by being a strong ally for them, especially in spaces where they may not have a voice  
12.30pm 1 hour Blue Bar Build your own hot dog and taco - veggie, vegan, gluten free options available  
1.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 1 Follow the leader!

In this session, we give an easy step-by-step plan on how to understand what makes a good leader, identify your own leadership traits, understand the importance of knowing your teams and empowering you to go ahead and apply for that leadership role that you have always wanted. The key? Confidence. We will look at different traits of leaders and get you to think about the traits you have and how to show them off. We will also talk about why it is important to understand team dynamics, where you fit and how you might manage others in a team with different personality clashes. Whether you want to discover your personality, skills set, or you just want some advice and motivation to go for it; everyone is welcome!

1.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 2 Developing your Outreach Workshop - Club & Society Commitee members  If your club or society is interested in delivering in schools or at school events on campus, please come along to find out more about outreach and develop your workshop. UEA SU are working in partnership with UEA Outreach to support societies and clubs to go into targeted local schools to deliver workshops on their chosen topic. This outreach work will support school pupils from all backgrounds in Norfolk and North Suffolk to; - Understand the benefits of higher education that goes beyond academic courses. - Realise their own potential. - Break down barriers and perceptions of who can go to university. - Broaden the activities they take part in school. - Challenge their own perceived barriers ‘Am I good enough to go to university?’ - Have positive role models who are relatable and feel inspired to achieve their career ambitions.
1.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 4 Risk assessments & Event safety Risk Assessment training ensures that delegates are aware of the importance of identifying and reducing hazards in order to maintain a safe and legally compliant working environment. The course teaches delegates about the processes of good risk assessments, so that they can undertake them in their own workplace.
1.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 5 Active bystander training  An active bystander is someone who not only witnesses a situation, but takes steps to speak up or step in to keep a situation from escalating or to disrupt a problematic situation.
1.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 6 BAME Leadership - what it means to be a BAME leader It's really important that when we talk about leadership, we are looking at an inclusive group of leaders. This session is about looking at BAME leaders (especially current leaders) who are making a change in their industry and how we can become BAME leaders too.
2.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 1 President training Essential  training for any student thinking of running for President in the upcoming committee elections! Learn how to manage your committee and its members, lead the direction that your society or club goes in, understand finances, delegate jobs and mitigate conflict in a controlled manner – become the best president you can be. 
2.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 2 How to run a liberation campaign An interactive planning session on how to effectively organise and manage a liberation campaign. This session is ideal for all abilities, so if you’ve never planned one before or are experienced pro, come along as we’ll guide you toward organising a fantastic campaign.
2.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 4 Look after yourself to look after others  This session is aimed to give you the the tools to look out and support your own welfare whilst supporting others.
2.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 5 The SU A Night to Remember initative and Mindful drinking for inclusive social events - Student Group Commitee  Are you on a club or society committee and looking to run more non-alcohol focused events? If so, come along to this session to understand more about the Student Union A Night to Remember initiative and how you can make your events inclusive for members that 
2.30pm 45 minutes Bookable room 6 Society 101 A crash course in all the essentials you need to know to run your society/ club! This is a supplementary course to the role specific trainings and gives you an extra insight to all the process we have in place to run your club and society to the best that you can!