Student Transformation Awards - Virtual Edition

Thursday 14 May 2020, 7pm - 10pm

Student Transformation Awards and Recognitions

The Student Transformation Awards and Recognitions take place every year to celebrate the journeys our students undertake here at UEA; we want to celebrate the achievements of you and your peers.  

We know that students are doing all sorts of things outside of their degrees: from running campaigns, to getting involved in clubs, founding businesses, working for the SU or volunteering in the community. 

However, some of the amazing things UEA students do end up flying under the radar. This is why we need you to nominate yourself and share your story with us. Or share the stories of your amazing friends, student groups, colleagues and activists: we want to celebrate everyone! 

Due to Covid-19 no physical formal awards ceremony will take place this year. Instead we will be having a virtual celebration online! More information on the details will be coming soon. 

There are lots of categories and you can read the criteria for the awards coming soon.

To nominate yourself, your society, a friend or a colleague, coming soon.