Mature Student Movie Night

Monday 21 September 2020, 7pm - 9pm

Netflix Party


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*** The movie with the most votes was Ferris Buelller's Day off! *** Please purchase a free ticket and we will send you an email on the day with the link to the movie. 

To kick off the new term and welcome week this year, we're hosting a mature students' movie night via netflix party.

This is the first of (hopefully) many themed Netflic partities throughout the year and what better way to celebrate a new academic year than with a 'uni/college' themed section!

This is open to all mature students, new or returning - the more the merrier! It's a chance to meet  your fellow mature students, have a chat and watch a film together before starting the year. 

Key details:

You will need access to a Netflix account

You will need to download the Netflix party plugin to your browser (it's free!)

The plugin only works on Chrome browers

There are 7 movies on offer for you to vote on via the link below. The film with the most votes wins!

Voting closes on Friday 11th September at midnight. Vote Here 

If you have any questions in the meantime don't hesitate to pop Hannah Lambert a message -