Household Bubbles Campus Treasure Hunt - Weds 23rd Sept - 11am - 1pm - Chance to win £250!!

Wednesday 23 September 2020, 11am - 1pm

Tent outside Nelson Court


£7.50 (General Admission)
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Bring your household bubbles and take part in our campus treasure hunt for a chance to win £250!!

*You must come to the event in teams of 5 - you can not have teams of 1, 2, or 3 people

All team members must be from the same household.

You do not have to live on campus to take part

Tickets are sold per person, not per team. 

You must wear a mask during the briefings and throughout the game*

If you are looking for a great way to get out into the fresh air and enjoy a fantastic competitive action packed team activity then our campus treasure hunt is the perfect choice. 

Based around campus, we have worked with the company ClueGo to create a high tech game that incorporates team work, planning, competitiveness and lots of creative fun!

Following an initial brief from ClueGo's event manager, your household team will receive an iPad programmed with everything you will require to complete the treasure hunt which is a completely software based, cutting edge game based on a traditional treasure hunt like no other.

During the game, your household team will compete in an enjoyable and creative atmosphere, working together to find location based challenges. The event includes a combination of problem solving, photographic and memory games, all of which inspire a spirit of teamwork and maximum fun.

With the use of iPads, your household teams will use the interactive map to plan a route before embarking on your adventure. Only when you arrive at a ‘GPS Hot Spot’ will the challenge or question appear on the iPads so there is no time to waste and cheating is impossible!

Our event manager will also be watching all of the competing teams on the master computer keeping everyone up to date with any game changes and extra tasks to keep you on your toes!

The winning team of the week will win £250 to split between them!


Please note:

  • These tickets are non-refundable
  • Do not come if you have any symptoms of the corona virus 
  • Do not come in teams with people who are not in your household bubble
  • You will be asked to show proof of purchase before entry
  • You cannot take part in this event without a ticket and will be refused entry if you arrive without having purchased one

We're committed to making sure all events are as accessible as possible. This event contains physical activity as you will be required to walk around campus. Any attendees with individual concerns about their accessibility are advised to contact Alys Kimberley ( for additional support.