UEA Residence Departures - Winter Break

Sunday 06 December 2020, 9am - 5pm

UEA Campus

For those of you that are choosing to go away for the winter break we are pleased to advise that the booking form for departure slots is now open.

If you are planning to travel home for the winter break, please be aware that UEA is offering students rapid COVID testing – you can find out more here. https://my.uea.ac.uk/covid-lateral-testing.

If you are travelling you should:

  • Aim to follow government advice and travel in the student travel window – 3-9 December
  • Try to travel before or after the weekend of 5-6 December, if at all possible, to reduce traffic congestion. 
  • If you are going to use public transport, travel companies are asking that students spread travel over the 3-9 December period, if at all possible.

We understand that for some students, particularly those where the person collecting them is travelling a significant distance, that the driver may be delayed during their journey due to foreseen circumstances but those that can keep to the timeslots will help us to make the process as safe and smooth as possible.

Please also note:

  • We ask that only one person comes onto campus to collect you
  • The person collecting you should park on the Main Car Park
  • The person collecting you should not go into your residence
  • You should observe social distancing measures whilst you depart
  • To help find the way our postcode is NR4 7TJ and the Main Car Park is signposted on the campus

Overnight guests are not currently permitted in our residences but if the person collecting you would like to stay on campus overnight we have guest accommodation on campus in Broadview Lodge: www.broadviewlodge.co.uk

Don’t forget that students are being asked to get a rapid COVID lateral flow (LF) test, if you are travelling back for the winter break, to help protect your family and friends and reduce the overall spread of the virus.

The rapid COVID testing will be run from UEA’s Sportspark from Sunday 29 November through to Wednesday 9 December. For further information please see the 20 November email.

We remind you that UEA has a dedicated webpage for advice, guidance and frequently asked questions around Covid-19: www.uea.ac.uk/about/news/statements/covid-19-advice

Alternative slots available:

Thursday 3rd - www.uea.su/ents/event/14235

Friday 4th - www.uea.su/ents/event/14236

Saturday 5th - www.uea.su/ents/event/14237

Monday 7th - www.uea.su/ents/event/14239

Tuesday 8th - www.uea.su/ents/event/14240

Wednesday 9th - www.uea.su/ents/event/14241