Virtual Cook-a-long: Katsu Curry

Thursday 11 March 2021, 5pm - 7pm

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Grab your flatmates and learn how to prepare some staple student mails. Whether you’re missing your home comforts, or you’re looking to try a quintessentially British dish, join Tastes Like Tom as he walks you through everything you’ll need for you and your group. 

This session will be everyone's favourite; the Katsu Curry! Tom will walk you through the steps required to make a delicious homemade Chicken Katsu, with suggestions for veggie alternatives.

We have put your shopping list below so you can easily access it. Beyond this, once you've got your ticket, you'll get your invite to the interactive workshop to make the dish. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can produce a stress-free spread with plenty of leftovers!

Instructions from Tom

FAKEAWAY Katsu Curry
Join us on the 11th of March at 5pm where we will be making a delicious Katsu Curry. This recipe rivals your favourite takeaway’s version, and is cheaper and no doubt healthier too!
You can choose to make this with pork or chicken but we are also going to show you a PLANT BASED version using Aubergines!
You can also make this Gluten Free!

This recipe is enough to feed 4 but feel free to make less. The sauce will last for at least a week in the fridge or a month in the freezer.
This a NO OVEN recipe, you will jut need a few pots and pans and a hob!

2-3 Tbsp Vegetable `oil + more for frying
1 onion – finely chopped
2-3 garlic cloves
3-4cm piece of ginger peeled and grated
2 tsp of turmeric
3 Tbsp of mild curry powder
500 ml chicken or veg stock
200ml coconut milk
2 tsp soy sauce (tamari for gluten free)
1-2 tsp sugar (to taste)

4 Pork cutllet/chicken fillets (boneless/skinless).
200g Panko breadcrumbs  (or light breadcrumb alternative including GF)
1-2 eggs
50g plain flour (or GF alternative)
Salt & Pepper

1-2 Aubergines
200g Panko breadcrumbs (or light breadcrumb alternative)3/4 cup of plant based milk
1/2 cup of flour.