International Students - Stress Workshop

Wednesday 14 April 2021, 1pm - 2:30pm

Blackboard Collaborate


Please note that this event is for International Students only.

Stress is something most of us experience - either within our personal lives, studying or at work. Feeling stressed can have different impacts on us as well and can be overwhelming. This workshop, we look initially at why we experience stress as individuals, and what a healthy level of stress looks like. We then consider a number of practical methods for effectively managing this stress that we face. The workshop uses the stress container analogy as a way of explaining our tolerance and reactions to events; all of which can be applied to current and future stressors.

Once you sign up to the event, you will recieve the blackboard collaborate link in your reciept. You can also return back to the events page on the day of the event and the link to join the event will be there too. 

For any questions, please email Ayane Hida on