Decolonising Covid: Institutionalised racism in the NHS response to Covid-19 Dr Katherine Deane

Wednesday 12 May 2021, 1pm - 2pm

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A series of marginal losses in the quality of care people of colour received from the NHS healthcare system have led to the increased impact of Covid-19 in these populations.

• Racial bias has been shown by poor communications, poor descriptors of signs and symptoms, racially biased pulse oximeters, and poor PPE provision; all of which reduced the quality of care for people of colour.

• Changes are need throughout NHS staff policies, staff training, purchasing policies, and patient communications to stop their racially biased impact.

• The professional Colleges need to require substantial improvements in ethnic representation as part of their undergraduate course validation policies.

KD is a Senior Lecturer with research and lived experience expertise in the management of long term conditions and disabilities. She works with patients to identify priorities for research, inform study design and outcome choice, and co-create interventions for evaluation. She has published 34 Cochrane reviews. She trained as a biologist, and conducted her PhD in autoimmune responses subsequent to a bacterial infection. She is a member of the University of East Anglia’s Decolonising Network Working Group and also advocates for disability access improvements.