Petrol Bastard

Tuesday 19 October 2021, 7pm - 11pm

The Brickmakers

The Brickmakers | 496 Sprowston Road, Norwich, NR3 4DY

+ petrol hoers + b a s t ar d + vast slug

please note: this event is strictly 18+

Comedy Techno Punk underground legends "Petrol Bastard" are the self proclaimed "Tesco value Prodigy". They are well known for their incredibly rude and extreme stage shows. They have supported acts such as 999, UK Subs, Kunt & The Gang, Goldie Lookin Chain, The Cheeky Girls (bizarrely), Anti Nowhere League, Dickies, Killdren. They also recorded songs with bands including Kunt & The Gang and DOA. Check out a few of their songs here.

Supporting is Drum and Bass/Metal Horse band "Petrol Hoers". They have collaborated with "Raised by Owls". What are they about? Its probably better we let them explain! Feel their pain here.

Local legends "Vast Slug" are well known for their grindcore about extreme subjects like Sexual deviancy, Religious holidays and Robot wars. Give them a look here.

"B A S T A R D" are high energy metal with incredible stage presence. Check them out here.

Please note: we won't be sending out physical tickets or e-tickets for this event. All you need to do is arrive at the venue just before the start of the event with your order transaction number (which is given in your confirmation email) and some form of ID.