DSD Photography Workshop

Thursday 14 October 2021, 2pm - 3pm

SU Bookable Room 1

Increase your job prospects with better photography!

It isn't just professional photographers who need to be able to create good images. Many businesses will rely on staff to provide content for their social media channels. Staged shoots are important for key advertising images. But the everyday documenting of the story of the life of a business will often be done by those working there. Similarly, if you run your own business, you will need to have some awareness of and competence in image creation.

In these photography workshops we will be looking at what makes a "good" image and how photos can add value to a business. You will learn how to make your images more technically proficient so that they are of a higher quality. You will also learn what types of images can sell or tell a story. Whether you hope to run your own business or want to add value as an employee, having strong photography skills can help you to stand out.

Your tutor is Joe Lenton, a freelance professional photographer based in Norfolk. Joe has won numerous awards for his photography at an international level and has worked with businesses on a local, national and international level. He has also trained many that have gone on to make a living from their photography as well as helping others to enjoy their hobby more. His portfolio can be found at