Don't TRIP up! - Event Management Workshop

Thursday 26 October 2017, 3pm - 4pm

Bookable Room 2

Thinking of running a trip for your society? Either in the UK or abroad? Come along to find out the best way of organising one!

Trips within clubs and societies can be one of the major highlights of the year. Therefore this session is designed to help you make the choise as to whether you want to explore anywhere out of campus! It can be a great opportunity to gain new members, as well as become closer with your current ones!

This session is being run by Aden Fry, the Student Events Coordinator where he will take you through all the various things you may need to consider, from where to go, whether to book with a travel company, and how to make sure everyone has a great time!

So we have a rough idea of numbers - please purchase a free ticket.