United for Education National Demo

Sat 19 November 2016 09:00-18:00

uea|su believes that every person has the right to a fair and equal education. We believe that the government is making that impossible with the marketization of education.

The government is waging war on students and our education. 
Tuition fees are rising and set to reach £12,000 by 2026.


This is a free event but there is a £5 deposit to reserve your seat. Your money will be returned to you when you attend the event.

The government is forcing universities to run like businesses and monitoring their students movements under PREVENT. 

Maintenance grants and NHS bursaries are being scrapped.
International students are being treated like cash cows, shipped in then deported. Last year Theresa May illegally deported over 48,000 students.

The government has ignored students and staff for too long – this has to stop. We are marching to stand in solidarity with all students and staff, to show that we are a united force that will not let these changes go unnoticed.

Students – let’s march in our thousands and show the government we will not be ignored. 

Together we are a force too large to ignore.

Will YOU join NUS and UCU on Saturday November 19th and march? 

We are United for Education. 

#Demo #Nov19