Edge Conference 2019

Saturday 02 February 2019, 10:30am - 5pm

Union House


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Edge Conference is back! Whether you're a course rep, committee member, student staff, or just a student this event is for you. We are running an educational conference to provide opportunities to up skill any student that would like to attend.

Here at the SU were committed to providing our student with amazing opportunities for personal development and growth. 

This event is for all UEA Students looking to proffessionally and personally develop!

We bring to you the 3rd annual EDGE Conference, a skill based conference where you can attend sessions ranging from conflict management, public speaking and many more!

So why are we doing it:

  • For you to gain more skills and experience in preparing for the future

  • Meet others doing similar roles and the staff of the SU

  • Get to know the SU you lead and work in

The day will run from 10.30am to 5pm on Saturday the 2nd of February in Union House, it’s all for free and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

All you need to do now is sign up by purchasing a free ticket on the event above.

We have been working hard to make the event as accessible as possible. Please contact james.barker@uea.ac.uk if you have any queries. You can also tell us about any access requirements you would like us to be aware of when you sign up for a free ticket.

We are also able to reimburse childcare costs (up to £60) we will just need a receipt and bank details, and you can indicate this when you sign up for a ticket. You are also welcome to bring children along to the event and some sessions will be repeated as part of Do Something Different.

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Please purchase a FREE ticket if you would like to come.

Don’t miss out on what will be a great day.

Click here to download our Welbeing Agenda, full of practical activities throughout the day, or have a sneak peak at our MAIN programme below...

uea(su) presents the 2019

Edge Conference


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Registration: The Hive


Opening Remarks: uea(su) Officer Team, and Dan Newman - The LCR


Decolonising the Curriculum

There has been increased attention to the issue of racism on campus and the lack of representation of people of colour and other groups in the curriculum. Whether you are a course rep, committee member or campaigner this session will help develop ways to advocate for these issues, and how to apply these issues to whatever subject you’re studying from politics, to medicine, to physics and everything in between!


You’re Not Wrong, I’m More Right: Conflict Management and Mediation.

This session teaches the key aspects to managing conflict between yourself and another, between a 3rd party group and online. This session will also look into negotiation and mediation techniques to help rectify and not just diffuse


Welfare on the Ward

Encouraging placement-based students to be reflective of their own well-being whilst on practice placement and making it clearer that we understand their experience. This session will also offer insight for non-placement students into the experience of students who have to complete placements as an integral part of their course, helping them to understand how to be effective student leaders for this group.



Lunch: The Hive

Other Types of Activities Available


Double Entry Book Keeping

An interactive, light introduction to a basic set of accounts and bookkeeping. If debits and credits or assets and liabilities are a mystery to you, or you just want to get an insight into what a set of financial accounts mean .... then this session is for you.



Me my Brand and I AND Get Linked

Me, My Brand and I is an introductory session covering the basic skills of building and maintaining an effective social media presence across different platforms. The benefits of having an engaging presence in today’s accelerating online climate will be explored. The session will cover your ability to attract future employers and job opportunities, and tips and anecdotes surrounding the worlds of YouTube and photography, in addition to writing skills and interviewing skills. You can make your brand personal, creative, and catered to the line of work you want to explore. It will be a relaxed and collaborative session with plenty of opportunities to discuss and take part throughout.


Journeys, Barriers, and Opportunities

We all know the goal we want to achieve. But life is hard and sometimes throws things in the way; whether that’s our background or class or even course we’re on. Use this workshop to understand what it means to have curveballs thrown our way 



Business Startup

Got a great idea but just dont know how to make it a reality?

Come and get some get advice from our resident business guru Victoria Cook and our student enterprenuer Rea Payot and Junnel Andre-fatah from Naked Monkey.


What Does it Mean to be a BAME Leader?

Empower yourself and one another to know you can become a leader from a BAME background and be in leadership roles. This workshop is about equipping you with the confidence and drive to achieve within leadership positions – both at the students’ union and after university.


Reptilian Brain and Thumb Wrestling

Learning about how the human brain works and what student leaders can do to help their brain work for them. Why your brain is designed to get in your way and what you can do to make your brain work for you.



Break - The Hive: Tea & Coffee


Confidence Building & How to be Assertive

The session will begin with building your confidence to take the lead and considering yourself good enough to apply for jobs and undertake important tasks. We will then lead into tips on how to show confidence and assertiveness in the workplace in order to work effectively with others.


How to be an Officer 101

Fancy learning about how to run for a student leadership position and what the job entails?! Come and chat to Oli about all the ups and downs of a student leadership position; including a presentation about the different roles, what skills you need and an honest Q+A at the end!


 BAME Mental Health

The way people perceive mental health is very different; it is still unheard of – a taboo – in some cultures. Whether you’re a BAME student or someone with an interest in welfare or mental health and want to make sure you include everyone, come along to this workshop to talk about mental health within different communities and remove the stigma.



Careers Central


Plenary: Mark Grist - Poet and UEA Alumni


Closing Remarks: uea(su) Officer Team