Laughter Yoga

Monday 18 February 2019, 11am - noon

Crome Court Common room

Brighten your day and lift your mood through combining jokes, exercises, breathing techniques and, of course, laughter in a supportive environment.

A solid hour of laughter, movement, joy and exuberance, with a closing meditation to ease participants back into reality, hosted by Umbrella Peer Support Group with Peace's Cosmic Laughter Wagon.

We begin with breathwork and led stretches. The main body of the workshop is a range of energetic games and guided interactions, focused on different types of laughter- laugh like a roaring lion, surf an ocean of laughter, co-create a laughter opera, take a stranger’s hands and whirl around while laughing in ecstatic greeting. This leads into a laughing meditation and then a calming guided visualisation.

The surface function of laughter yoga is that it makes people happy. That’s the primary focus and the most noticeable aspect for anyone taking part for the first time. But there is also a deeper function: an hour spent laughing is an hour doing nothing else. No worrying, no planning, no attachments. This allows a sort of mental reset, ushering in a state of happiness, freedom and tranquillity that can last for hours after the session ends.

You can also come and just listen if you don’t want to participate.

Please note that this workshop involves physical exertion, so whilst we will try to accommodate any access requirements, please don’t forget to bring any aids that you might need. 

Crome Court common room is carpeted and yoga mats aren't strictly necessary. Having said that, some yoga mats will be provided on a first come first served basis. Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one for the closing meditation

For more information, photos and videos of Laughter Yoga with Peace's Cosmic Laughter Wagon, please visit their Facebook page at 



We're committed to making sure all Do Something Different events are as accessible as possible for all students.

This event features light physical activity. 

Any attendees with individual concerns about their accessibility are advised to contact Union Opportunities ( for additional support. 


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