Norwich Film Festival: How to Select a Winning Film

Friday 22 February 2019, 1pm - 3pm

Arts 2.05

Described by The Metro as one of the ten ""Top UK Film Festivals You Need To Know About"", come along to to this event to learn what goes on behind the scenes at the Norwich Film Festival.

Norwich Film Festivals founders and organisers, Craig Higgins and Kellen Playford, will run a session that introduces students to the basics of festival organisation and volunteer opportunities, with a specific focus on the selection and judging process for the NFF. Students will learn how short film submissions to the festival are graded and selected, including how they can get involved in writing short critical reports on each film, assigning grades, and contributing to the final selection process.

The workshop will allow students to see how the selection panel for a professional festival like NFF utilises key skills in writing and critical judgement gained through studying in HUM. Viewing material, critically appraising it, and preparing grades/reports that contribute to panel decisions are good entry level skills for the creative industries more generally.

About the Norwich Film Festival: Launched by Kellen in 2009, the Norwich Film Festival has screened 500 films since its inception, at venues around Norwich. Described by The Metro as one of the ten ""Top UK Film Festivals You Need To Know About"", the festival includes industry sessions on writing, directing and marketing films, networking events, and a series of screening events. In 2017, this included a special screening of A Private Function, with a Q&A featuring star Michael Palin, an in-conversation event with Jane Horrocks, and a special 'Women in Film' evening with Q&A session. The Norwich Film Festival will return in November 2018 with an even bigger line-up - and you could help shape what films are chosen to be in competition.


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