GO Green Week

Monday 11 February 2019, 11am - noon

UEA campus

Monday: Clothes Swish event (Leeway & Feminist): Hive: 11am – 3pm.

  • "How important are the un sustainable development goals and should we care?" – 2pm -3pm career central seminar room.


Tuesday: Tree walk – 1pm – 2pm meet outside zest

Tuesday and Wednesday: Green focus groups on accommodation 4pm – 5pm


Wednesday: Amestea Party (Amnesty): Hive: 11am – 3pm.


Friday: Go Green Fayre: Hive: 11am – 3pm. Featuring.. Food co-op, Sustainability, Vegbox, Food savvy, UNIO , Uni Sustainability stall, Commercial veggie market stall.

  • A Plastic Ocean | UEA Sustainability Society 'Cafe Conversations' Screening in the hive; Friday 15th, 5pm - 7pm


Come join us for this amazing national environmental campaign!