Mind:Full practical meditation tools for busy researchers

Tuesday 30 April 2019, 6pm - 8pm

John Innes Centre Conference Centre G34/35


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Mind:Full workshop with Ben Marshall (SSS) at Norwich Bioscience Institute

In this custom-built session for PGR students as part of the Courage Project, we will look at building a practical meditation toolkit to improve our resilience to everyday challenges, both within and beyond the PhD. We’ll bust a few myths about meditation along the way and hopefully leave better equipped to respond to the emotional component of completing a PhD.

NOTE: This is a repeat session of Mind:Full workshop with Ben on April 9th. We are running this session at the John Innes Conference Centre after work hours as this can be a more suitable time for many postgraduate researchers. 

To sign up for this session please register for a free space using your UEA email address through the ticketing system above. 

The session is led by Dr Ben Marshall from the Student Support Service, a mental health professional, trained research psychologist, former UEA PGR and avid amateur meditator. It will cover a little of the science of meditation, common misconceptions, a brief psychological explanation of what we do when we meditate, and an introduction to the basics of the following meditative techniques:

  • Mindful body-scanning

  • Mindfulness of breath

  • Visualisation meditation, including:

    • Compassionate ‘loving-kindness’ meditation

    • Mountain meditation

    • Lake meditation

  • Gratitude meditation


Please note:

The session will cover general advice and fundamental principles only, from which attendees are invited to critically think about their own meditative practice, and will not feature therapeutic content – it is not an intervention and not a substitute for thorough clinical advice from a professional.

People with lived experience of mental health issues are very welcome to attend. Techniques will not involve any strenuous physical activity and are accessible to those with physical disabilities, who will of course also be very welcome. No equipment is needed, but if you wish to meditate from a seated or lying position during the session (optional), you may wish to wear loose-fitting clothes.

The meditation techniques in the session are not religious or spiritual in nature, and we welcome participants of all philosophical beliefs in engaging with this practically-focused session.

Contact benjamin.marshall@uea.ac.uk for further information on the workshop and contact Bryony Porter (bryony.porter@uea.ac.uk) if you have problems registering.