Chapter 13

Wednesday 14 August 2019, 7:30pm - 11pm

The Waterfront Studio

14 +

This summer marks the debut tour of one of Britain’s most exiting emerging bands; Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 consists of lead singer and guitarist Tom Abisgold, Drummer Noah Key, lead guitarist Jake Slack and bass player Jacob Swann. 

Tom, 15, Noah, 15, Jake, 15 and Jacob, 14, burst on to the scene when they received Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer in the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent. The amazing reaction to their Stevie Wondermedley will soon be passing 10 million views on YouTube!

After receiving a standing ovation from all 4 judges, Amanda Holden said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen four young musicians so together. It was spot on” 

Alesha Dixon added, “The musicianship I saw was outstanding, it was so impressive.”

David Walliams described them as “faultless” and went on to say “You came, you conquered“, while Simon Cowell compared them to Busted and described their performance as “Fantastic!”.

Chapter 13 went on to rock the Hammersmith Apollo with their live Semi Final performance of an original song ‘We Own This Town’. They blew the judges and audience away with their outstanding musicianship, incredible stage presence and cheeky personalities, but most importantly, Chapter 13 had just captured the hearts and inspired their generation with a defiant message of youth empowerment encapsulated in the lyric “You’re building walls, We’re pulling them down, We Own This Town!”. Over the following days and weeks, Chapter 13’s Instagram channel @wearechapter13 gained over 60,000 engaged followers and the Chapterfam Fandom was born!

Tom, Noah, Jake and Jacob first met when they all performed in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical School of Rock in London. Tom and Noah shared a room in a house in London whilst working on the show.

Tom said “Noah and I used to imagine what it would be like to be in a band and tour the world, we started writing songs together and planning our world tour!”

It was here that the band was born and when Jake and Jacob came on board, the line up was complete!  

It wasn’t long before they caught the eye of McFly’s Tom Fletcher who described them as ‘ridiculously talented’ when he heard the songs they had been writing. “They remind me of Mcfly when we first started, but better!” Tom invited the band to record 2 songs on the soundtrack of his best selling book ‘The Creakers’ and film a music video for one of those songs 'Don’t turn out the light' - 

The video was an instant success across Tom’s social channels with over a million combined views and counting.

Chapter 13’s first ever gig was at Camden Assembly in September 2018, although the audience was made up of mainly friends and family! In June this year however, they headlined their first gig of 2019 at the iconic Borderline venue in London. This time their fans turned up and packed out the venue as Chapter 13 rocked the Borderline and experienced for the first time the fanatical adoration of their fans. It’s time for a tour…

This summer provides their legions of devoted fans known as the ‘Castaways’, the opportunity to experience Chapter 13 live in some of the coolest venues across 10 cities around the UK! The band will be performing original songs that the fans already know and love such as “Forgotten Castaway” and the more Punky “I Hate You’ as well as some brand new songs that the fans will get to hear very soon, and will no doubt know all the words to by the time they see Chapter 13 live!

Noah said “I can’t believe we are headlining our first UK tour! This is awesome! We can not wait to meet the Castaways around the UK and perform live for them!”

Jake added – “We have always dreamed of touring as a band. We just want to keep writing, keep performing and keep our friendship strong! This is just the beginning!”

Get your tickets quickly and be ready to become part of the Chapterfamdom as the boys rock the UK this summer!!