Society President's Meeting #3

Tuesday 10 December 2019, 5pm - 6pm

Congregation Hall - Lecture Theatre 01.20


£0.00 (General)
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These meetings are a chance for you to give us your views on societies this year, ask any questions you may have, or let us know where you feel like the Union could be doing more to support you and make your time at UEA more enjoyable!


No staff members will be present, it will simply be Ali, your Activities and Opportunities Officer and some representatives from the Societies Executive Team. We want this to be a space where you can be open and honest, knowing that your concerns (or positive comments!) wll be passed back to the Opportunities Team so that we can work on this and improve the way we do things to beeter support you.


We have a discussion ideas forum here on the website, where you can anonymously post ideas that you would like us to dicsuss in the President's meeting. We will make sure these ideas or concerns are put on the agenda for the meeting, and we will make sure to discuss these first. If we then have time at the end, you can ask other questions in the meeting itself, and we will do our best to give answers there and then!

If you have any questions at all, pop us a message at