Seed Collection

Tuesday 08 October 2019, 1pm - 4pm

UEA Campus - Meet in the Union House, in the Hive (the space by Unio Coffee Shop)


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We've got some beautiful trees on campus, so why not use what they give us and plant some more? 

As part of our Courage Wellbeing Project we'll be heading out into campus collecting seeds from oak trees, sorting through them and then sowing the seeds in compostable cups. 

It'll take a few years for these seeds to becoming saplings, but you'll know whenever you visit campus that you helped the ecosystem. 

Meet us in the hive at 1pm (downstairs in union house, where UNIO is) and we'll make our way on foot around campus. We'll provide recepticales for collecting seeds, just make sure you wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the day.