walk and talk: being well and being well again

Thursday 31 October 2019, noon - 1pm

Outside the Sainsbury Centre - Main reception entrance


£0.00 (Free)
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Join us on a walk and talk stroll around the UEA lake with our special guest Stephen Borenmann. 

Steph is the PGR Director at the John Innes Centre and a year ago Steph wrote his first contribution to the Lakeside View blog, 'being well', sharing his personal mental health experience across his research career. 

A year on and Steph has recently share a second blog post, 'being well again'. This post really showed us that the journey to wellness is not a smooth one, but as Steph says... "What have I learned this second time? Like a back injury, the wrong move can flare things up again. However, if one can recover once, one can do it again." 

In the Courage Project, we are really grateful that Steph has used the Lakeside View as a platform to begin a courageous conversation about mental health in academia. On this Walk and Talk, you'll be able to ask Steph questions himself as he joins us for a walk around the UEA lake. 

If you would like to ask a question anonymously, you can submit one via this form here. Bryony (PGR Mental Health Coordinator) will bring all the questions collected questions and will ask them on the walk.