First Aid Training - High Risk Societies

Saturday 16 November 2019, 9am - 4pm

Bookable Room 6

This is a first-aid course intended for committee members of high-risk societies

Please note, £5 will be refunded once we have received a regsiter from the First Aid company who can confirm that you completed the training. 

In this session you will cover:

•             Introduction and explanation to first aid and roles of a first aider

•             How to alert advanced medical help.

•             Managing an incident safely.

•             Basic life support/recovery position.

•             Provide appropriate first aid for minor injuries, burns, choking, bleeding and Shock.


This event is non-refundable and anyone unablet o attend after booking will not given the £5 deposit back. We will only be able to refund the £5 once you have completed the course.