Society: Health and Safety Training Session

Thursday 23 May 2019, 10am - 11am

Bookable Room 6 - Union House


£0.00 (Free)
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This session is for SOCIETY HEALTH AND SAFETY OFFICERS to attend. It is also worth having Society Presidents, Treasurers or Secretaries attending too. This session is also applicable to any Committee Members who organise events i.e. Events Manager, External Liaison Officer etc.

You MUST attend one of the Health and Safety sessions that the Union is offering, as this year committee training is compulsory!

In this training, we will go through everything you will need to know about being Health and Safety Officer of a society on campus. We will discuss your duties in this role, such as filling in risk assessment, planning events, and completing incident reports if needed. Finally, we will explain our expectations of you as a representative of the Union, going through GDPR, initiations, and those to contact if you need any extra support.

Of course, this is also your chance to ask us any questions you may have about leading a society, and to help you begin planning for the next academic year!