LCSanta Latin Christmas Dinner

Saturday 07 December 2019, 7:30pm - 10pm

Cocina (Timberhill Terrace) NR1 3DF

LCS Soc & LatAm Soc Xmas Dinner

Issho ni kurisumasu o oiwai shimasen ka? LCS Soc & LatAm Soc bring you LCSanta, our joint Christmas dinner - join us in Mexican restaurant Cocina for a bit of latinx Christmas flair and a drink (or mocktail) or several! The tickets are only available to buy until Fri 22nd so go go go!

The three course meal is just £24.95 a head and includes a drink on arrival (alcohol/mocktail options available). Please bring a valid ID that shows you are over 18 years old if will be drinking alcohol. MAKE SURE you let us know if you have any allergies/intolerances. The menu is as follows, please let us know what you will be having by Fri 22nd. There are also plenty of other drinks to purchase at 2 for £8, £10 or £12 (to be ordered/paid for on the night).

Let us know your options at ♥ If you would prefer to buy a ticket in cash, please contact us on this email and we will organise a time to meet to take payment.

We look forward to seeing you! ¡Nos vemoooooooooooooos prontito!

On arrival:

Prosecco, Modelo (beer), Mango Spiced Rum Cocktail or a Mocktail.


  • Nachos (vegetarian) (gluten free) Lightly salteed tortilla chips served with melted cheese, sour cream and salsa pico de gallo. Vegan option available. OR
  • Chili, lime & agave alitas (gluten free) Spicy chicken wings in a chili, lime and agave drizzle. OR
  • Halloumi with cranberry salsa (vegetarian) Halloumi fries served with cranberry jam salsa.


  • Fajitas Your choice of filling served with mixeed peppers and onions, cheese, sour cream, jalapeños and salsa pico de gallo. Choose from Chargrilled Chicken or Portobello Mushrooms (vegan) OR
  • Chicken & chorizo burrito Flour tortilla wrap with your choice of filling served with Mexican rice, chargrilled peppers & onions, black beans, Monterrey Jack cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, romaine lettuce, and cranberry salsa. Served with fries and slaw. OR
  • Festive meatball skillet (gluten free) (a little spicy) Homemade beef and chorizo meatballs, slow-cooked in a spicy hot sauce. Served with peppers & onions and chargrilled chili pepper on a bed of Mexican rice. OR
  • Mexican coconut curry (vegetarian) (gluten free) (spicy) A mix of Mexican spices, red pepper, onion and sweet potato in a creamy coconut sauce, served with rice and lightly salted tortilla chips. Vegan option available.


  • Churrini (vegetarian) Creamy cocktail blended with chocolate ice cream and tequila topped with whipped cream and a cinammon dusted churro. OR
  • Tropical winter cheesecake (vegetarian) (gluten free) Creamy baked cheesecake with a swirl of passionfruit and mango purée on a crumbly coconut biscuit base drizzled with Winter Berry Coulis. OR
  • Chocolate orange cake (vegetarian/vegan) Chocolate brownie base topped with chocolate and tangy orange filling. OR
  • Trio of ice cream (vegetarian) Take your pick from chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.

**We follow strict hygiene policies in our kitchen, but due to the presence of allergenic ingredients in some products there is a small possibility that allergen traces may be found in any item. Speak to a member of staff if you have any food allergies or intolerance.