Ancient Wall Ghost Hunt

Friday 31 January 2020, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Ghost hunting in ancient ruins!

Join us as we venture outdoors to the ancient walls on the edge of Norwich for a good old fashioned ghost hunt! We will finally be getting the chance to test out the spirit box! Meet us in the square at 6:30pm if youve got yourself a ticket! (Tickets are free, we'd just like to know how many people are coming :) )

Unfortunately this event is not disability friendly, as there are many, many stairs to climb.

Things to bring: 

- Coats + stuff to keep warm, we will be exploring outside after all!

- Torches are a MUST. There are no street lights and you dont want to use too much of your phones battery.

- Your protection pouches from our last event. (Just incase anything sinister pops up).

- Water (and snacks if you feel you need them.) There will be lots of climbing stairs.

- Any ghost hunting equiptment you yourself may have! We will of course provide equiptment but the more the merrier!