Auditions - Lord of the Rings the Pantomime

Thursday 30 September 2021, 5pm - 8pm

JSC 1.03

Auditions for the glorious Lord of the Rings: the Pantomime!

If you want to be in a fully produced, at a proper theatre, full length pantomime, this is your shot! Come see us at auditions to be guaranteed a slot in the show - we are the only society that promises that every applicant will get a change to be on stage if they wish.

If you want to be a part of pantomime in a production role, drop us an email at, or come and see us to have a chat about your role. Excerpts from the show will be provided to read through, and we ask that if you are auditioning for a singing role, you prepare a few bars of a song so we can get an idea of how you sound. Song choices last year ranged from the Book of Mormon to twinkle twinkle little star, so don't worry about it too much!

We hope to see you there!