Zurich UK CV & Cover Letter Improvement Workshop

Tuesday 13 October 2020, 2pm - 3:15pm

Virtual - Microsoft Teams


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An interactive workshop with the HR team at Zurich UK. Attendees will participate in a virtual session to help them create/improve a CV and Cover Letter, in order to increase the success rate of future applications to STEM-based roles.

We are joined by Georgia Leonard and Michelle Ransome from Zurich UK HR department. This is an opportunity for you to participate in a virtual session to help you to create or improve a CV, in order to increase the success rate of your future applications to roles in science or engineering related industries.

Attendees will gain knowledge on:

- The sections to include in a CV
- How best to structure/order these sections and the relevant information to include within them
-The ability to articulate skills and knowledge to tailor them to specific vacancies. 

The session will also cover how to structure a covering letter and the role of these in comparison to the role of a CV. Zurich will provide guidance about what makes a strong application from a real-life employer’s perspective.

This event is designed to help you improve your confidence in your written communication skills and teach you valuable tips/tricks for impressing potential employers. By hearing from a representative of a leading financial firm (with VERY high competition for their vacancies), you will have the opportunity to gain insider knowledge and ask any relevant questions to develop your understanding of what is required in a professional job application.