Building Self-Confidence Workshop

Wednesday 06 October 2021, 2pm - 5pm

Online or ARTS 01.01

This is part of our Do Something Different Confidence Building Series!

This worksop will be delivered online by Student Services at UEA, and you have the choice to join the group in person or if you prefer to attend online a link will be sent out before the workshop other wise come to ARTS 01.01.

In this brief workshop we will help you start to think about unhelpful patterns that might maintain experiences of low self-worth and help you create new ways to feel confident. Here are some of the interactive topics, tools and techniques that we are likely to cover: challenging negative thought patterns and learnt behaviours associated with not feeling good enough, sense of failure, being self-critical, feelings of shame and powerlessness, and practising specific activities that promote good self-esteem, assertiveness and self-compassion.

Directly after for those who want to stay will be pizza and a chance to socialise with an easy conversation game to keep you going. If you would like to join us for free pizza, please email Paul Hartzler, DSD Project Manager at UEA, at so we can order enough pizza. Please include any dietary requirements.