Art Society's take on LGBT+ History month

Monday 01 February 2021, midnight - midnight

This is art societies take on LGBT+ History month.

This month we will be holding a competition challenging you to create a piece of artwork arround the theme "what gender means to me". This can be absolutley any form of artwork with any medium of your choice, please get creative!

We will be sharing artwork that enters the competion through our instagram page (@artsocietyuea) to create a virtual gallery. When you enter your work we would love you to tell us a little about how you made your piece-pieces and reflect on how art helps to process these sorts of gender related issues.

If you are struggling for ideas and motivation, on Monday 22/02/21 we will also be holding a mixed media events via Microsot Teams where we can chat, and get inspired by others whilst also creating our own artwork for the competition.

As this is a competition there will also be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, of the favourite entries!!

Please send in entries so our gmail account: