UEA BlueSox Olympics Sem1

Thursday 01 October 2020, midnight - midnight



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A ticket to show your participation in the BlueSox Olympics for 1st semester. Please only purchase if you plan on participating

Each week will consist of 2 tasks. One "big" task and one "small" task. The number of points you get for completing them depends on how difficult the tasks are, and how you perform compared to the other competitors. In general, the big tasks are worth more than the small tasks. Points are also available for training attendance, task participation, helping carry equipment to and from training, and for ensuring there is no litter after training sessions, which each provide a small amount of points but really add up over the semester. This will include social and physical tasks, to be done at home and at training, and will last up until the 27th of December. Points from non-members will be added up, but won't count towards team or individual scores until that person buys a membership. Please Purchase a ticket ONLY if you are participating.