Litter Pick | UEA Sustainability Society

Wednesday 13 February 2019, 2pm - 4pm

the Hive, UEA

hosted by UEA Sustainability Society | Open to all!

After the huge success of last weekend's Beach Clean ?? - and learning that two-thirds of what we collected came straight from land-based sources(!) - UEA Sustainability Society have decided to do a Litter Pick! ????

As always; open to all!???

We shall be meeting on Wednesday 13th February, at 2pm, in the Hive.??

If there are enough of us we will split into two 'teams' - one to take the 'easy' route and one to take the 'hard'er route. We shall be providing big bags and litter pickers, as well as maybe high-vis jackets for when we'll be walking along main roads.??‍????‍??

The latest we shall be back in the Hive should be by 4pm for the 'hard'er route team.?????

We look forward to cleaning up with you, and stop all that litter eventually ending up in the oceans!????

Lots of Sustainability Love, ??