Telephone Canvassing, Free Pints and Pizza - UEA Conservative Association

Friday 29 November 2019, 6pm - 8pm

Earlham Hall, UEA

Join us for a Telephone Canvassing session with Chloe Smith MP as we speak to constituents in Norwich North and encourage them to vote for the Conservative Party. Telephone canvassing is an exciting new way to connect with constituents and is being pushed by the Party as part of the agenda to modernise our campaigning strategy. If you have never done telephone canvassing before, you will be provided with full training by the Conservative Party on the night and will not be asked or expected to make calls until you are absolutely comfortable. Alternatively, you can shadow an experienced canvasser and listen to them in order to build your own skills. 


Afterwards, we will go to the bar where free pizza and free pints will be provided!