Korfball Squad Trials 2 - Fri 15th 17:00-19:00

Friday 15 October 2021, 5pm - 7pm

Sportspark Hall 2

Our second round of squad trials are only for people that missed trials last week, or if you have been invited back!


We will be hosting our second round of squad trials on Friday 15th October from 5-7pm in Sportspark Hall 2! This trial session will be open to anyone that missed that week and will be a great opportunity to get a taster of what it’s like to attend one of our BUCS training sessions. We will then have a second round of trials on Friday 15th October that will be invite only based on your performance.

Our BUCS Squad will train every Friday evening from 5-7pm in preparation for our 3 BUCS Tournaments throughout the year - Prelims in November, Regionals in January/February and Nationals in March. In the past, UEA Korfball have always performed well in our BUCS tournaments, with our 1st team currently on a 7 year streak of placing top 3 in National Championships and have won the competition 6 times. Our 2nd and 3rd teams also consistently place highly at National Trophy and National Plate. This year we’ll be aiming for gold, which means everyone in our squad is expected to give their 100% at every training session, match and tournament, and will be required to attend every Friday session during term time between now and the end of March (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

If you’re new to Korfball this year please don’t let that put you off coming to trials! We will not only be looking for good Korfball players, but also for people who work hard, have a team-first mentality, are committed to training and want to improve themselves. If you’re wanting to trial but are unsure and want to have a chat, feel free to drop us a message on any of our socials. 

If you have been unable to make either of our trials for any reason but are still wanting to trial for our squad, please contact me asap so we can try to arrange an alternative. Places in our squad will also be considered throughout the season if people show good progression. Also note that Monday and Wednesday sessions will still be open training sessions for anyone in the club to attend!

To attend trials, it is essential that you purchase a free ticket on the su website so we can collect all the necessary information from you before you trial.