An Economy for the Many w/ Grace Blakeley and James Meadway

Wednesday 22 January 2020, 6pm - 8pm


A radical panel of political figures and commentators addressing 2 major themes: 1) what a futuristic economy, one that delivers on social and climate justice, will look like & 2) how we go from the position we're in now to building it.

Given the horrific General Election result, we'll be using this event, in-part, to discuss where Labour and its economic platform should go from here to produce the society we'd all like to see. In an age of automation and precarious work, with booming profits for those at the top and poverty-ridden despair for the rest, UEA Labour Party Society is proud to host a panel exploring bold solutions to the problems we face, and turning them into opportunities to build a more just society.


Pannellists will be:

Grace Blakeley- economist and IPPR Research Fellow

Alex Champion- Labour for a Green New Deal representative